Do you forget things after spending hours in learning them?

Don’t panic. This problem is common amongst students. The reason behind this is inappropriate learning methods that do not let you grasp a concept fully. Simply reading through a text and writing it down on a piece of paper, doesn’t really work.

So how to ensure that you learn everything and remember everything? Just follow these three simple methods.

Explain it to yourself

You just finished studying a chapter and are unsure if you have forgotten it all. Instead of opening the book once again and mugging everything, try to explain the concept to yourself. If you have a whiteboard, become your own teacher, and explain the chapter using a diagram or formulas. Make mind maps and connect the dots. If you believe that you have convinced yourself, go back and scan the chapter once again. If you missed something, repeat the self-explanatory method again unless you understand something fully. This will help you learn things for easily and retain the information for longer.

Ask the right questions

Learn to ask the right questions on the subject you are studying. This will help you in understanding the subject more in depth. Let’s assume that you are learning about black holes. Ask, how were these massive gravitational zombies created? What happens at the event horizon? Could anyone survive if they ever dive into a black hole? Which is the nearest black hole to Earth? These question will keep springing up and help you deep dive into a subject like never before.

When your mind is unable to answer a question, it remains puzzled because of which you keep thinking about the question. As a result of this, you will keep finding ways in which you could explore the answers to your question. Your mind will remain engaged and you will be able to remember the concepts for longer.

Apply your knowledge practically

How would you ever know if a potato could be used to generate electricity unless you have tried it on your own? This small school experiment is just an example of how easily one can remember things by applying them in real life. If you want to remember a financial concept- simply use it in your daily life. If you want to learn a scientific concept, do an experiment. If you want to learn a philosophical concept, do a thought experiment.

By doing something practically, we remember it forever. Can you ride a bike? You must have learnt it as a child but if someone gave you a bike today, you will still be able to ride it right? Why do you think this happens?

Only because you learnt riding a bike by doing it practically. Your parents didn’t show you diagrams of how the wheel rotate or how to keep your balance. This is the magic of learning by practical experience.

Which of these methods will you apply to learn something today? Let us know in the comments below.