There is a lot to be appreciated about books from the 20th century. They are gripping, are written by some of literature’s best-known names and even though they represent an unfamiliar time, they are gravely similar to today’s situations and sensibilities.

If you like reading literature, then pick a book from our list of some classic gems from the bygone century.

A Room with a View- E.M. Forster

Inspiring a 1985 film of the same name, E. M. Forster’s book came out in 1908, exactly 110 years ago. It was a time when elite English women had just started to live an independent life. The book details their struggles. Though you may not be an Englishwoman who had just stepped out into the world, the thoughts, and emotional struggles of the protagonist match deeply of a college student who has recently stepped out of the house and living life on her own terms. Try it!

1984- George Orwell

This books features in almost every reading list you can think of. It talks about several different phenomenon in the world that you may very well relate to. This political, social fiction takes you to a journey of a new super state called Oceania, in the Great Britain. It employs several totalitarian measures like Thought Policing to curb individual thinking and fill people’s mind with thoughts of their own. The leader of this government is Big Brother, who is spreading his propaganda to meet his ulterior motives. It a riveting, eye-opening account of the world.

The Catcher in The Rye- J. D. Salinger

This beautiful novel captures the very heart of teenage and young adulthood. The desire to be loved, respected and the insanity of a world that is cold and dark yet full of beautiful bright moments is what makes the novel so beautiful. The engaging storytelling is so amazing, you will likely want to read this novel repeatedly. The protagonist of this novel, Holden Caulfield has become a cult figure over the years and there is a good reason why. You must read this book if you have ever felt teenage angst.

Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury

One of the most wonderfully crafted stories of its times, this classic tale is all about political commentaries meshed into a gripping story of the people. In the Fahrenheit 451 universe, literature has become illegal, television has become the mecca of the people and firemen are burning books. There comes a time when one of the firemen starts questioning his reasoning behind burning the books and that’s when things take a different turn.

To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee

Harper Lee gives you a timeless classic that thousands of literature lovers have kept safe in their hearts. The plots, the characters, the humor, and the painting of the entire storyline is so fine, you will be lost in Lee’s world from the very first page. The 1960 novel won the Pulitzer prize as well. It deals with issues like race and rape, but it still is one of the most beautiful and memorable novels of all times.

Have you read any of them before? Share your feedback with us.