If you are looking for a good way to study without distractions, you should try the Pomodoro technique. It is a fantastic way to ensure that you get to study with heightened concentration and don’t spend the entirety of your time trying to understand a chapter.

Developed by Francesco Cirillo, this technique is being employed by many students around the globe. Even office workers swear by its productivity enhancing benefits. In this post, we will explain the Pomodoro Technique to you in a very simple way.

25-minute heightened concentration

In the Pomodoro Technique you spent 25 minutes focusing intensively on type of work. This could include studying, reading, writing, or creating a project. Working in 25-minute bursts instead of one-hour schedules helps you in staying more productive.

This technique works because you will focus on just one task at a time. There will no phone calls, no messages, or any other disturbances. It is like creating 25-minutes of isolated bubbles for yourself in which you will give your productive best. After every 25 minutes, you can take a short 5-minute break and then get back to work. Doing this consistently will improve your concentration manifold and ensure that you have time for other things in life as well.

How does it work?

Start by planning a daily schedule. Ensure that you write a realistic day plan for yourself. Just because this technique is effective doesn’t mean you have to cram everything you can within 24 hours. Boil down to 3 to 5 essential tasks you have to within a day. These are the tasks that you will focus on, using the Pomodoro technique.

Let’s assume that you have to read a Physics chapter on optical illusions. First, start with removing all distractions around you. Switch off your mobile phone, remove any unnecessary notifications for emails etc. from other devices and ensure that there is no music or other noises in the background. Now, you are ready to focus. Set a timer for 25 minutes and don’t let your mind wander to other thoughts. 100 percent of your concentration should be on the task at hand.

After the timer rings, you can take a small 5-minute break. Walk around, eat a small snack (don’t make it sugary, otherwise your brain will slow down) and attend a call or reply to messages, only if necessary.

Come back and start the 25-minute session all over again. Once two or three of these sessions are over, take a longer 15 to 20-minute break. If you started studying in the morning, you could eat your lunch and then come back to the study table in an hour.

Repeat the same process.

The technique is known to help people give their best to the task at hand. Remember, the human mind is not designed to multi-task, nor can we focus on a task for too long. Studying is a mentally taxing activity, which makes studying for longer durations more tedious. Following this technique will help you learn better and remember for your chapters for longer.

Try it and see the difference.