As part of their learning, primary school children are required to take SATs. These tests help to determine the level of learning that students are at currently.

SATs don’t need to be stressful and should be approached with the same enthusiasm as lessons. To help students prepare, there are some key things that you can do to help them feel more confident as the SATs get closer.

  1. Use example questions and papers

This is a common method used in all school years, but it is key to helping children understand the kind of questions they will face and how to approach them.

By practicing with real examples, students and teachers will be able to identify weak spots which will help with further revision.

  • Balance fun maths practice with breaks

Whilst past exam papers are useful for giving children an idea of what to expect, you should try and vary the type of revision content that you are giving them.

There is a huge range of resources available online, offering support on all maths topics from geometry to fractions. These resources can help you to stay in tune with the curriculum, whilst keeping students engaged with fun and varied lesson structures.

It is important that both at school and at home breaks from learning are encouraged. By supporting children mentally and giving them a chance to rest, their brains will be able to retain more information and they will feel more relaxed when doing their SATs.

  • Try and make maths “real”

By making it real we mean applying maths to, and solving problems in, real life situations. This could be as simple as asking children to work out what time it will be in 75 minutes when dinner is ready or getting them to look at a bus schedule and work out how long there is between each bus or how long it will be until the next scheduled bus arrives.

By applying maths to everyday situations, children will begin to process the information in a different way and will be practicing their skills in different environments which has been shown to help with remembering information.