Exam time can be very stressful for any student during college life. Your future could be decided by your scores and you have to be careful that you graduate with pride. The entire year’s evaluation boils down to your final exams, while you might find yourself in a state of panic. In times like these, follow the tips given below to ace your exams like a pro while maintaining a calm state of mind.

Create a routine or discover the perfect place to study

Just because the library works for some students, doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. Some find solace in studying in groups while some prefer studying in isolation. Look up for secluded little spots in your campus, especially in the open where you can study in peace. You have better chances of finding isolated spots near a tree than a library during exam time. If nothing, a hostel room works well too. Create a routine and fix certain hours for study each day. Abide by it religiously and will have nothing to worry about when others are nervously pacing through the corridors.

Reckon your best note-taking method

Each one of us, has a different approach to taking notes or key points during lectures. Some prefer writing down the notes simultaneously while few others like to summarize the points at the end of the class. Writing by hand is preferred by some students, and some like to type them feverishly on their laptops. The trick is to find out what style suits you the most. When done, you’re good to go.

Read dynamically and effectively

Take a good look at your syllabus and underline all important chapters and units, especially the ones your professors frequently emphasize on. Ensure that you study those topics thoroughly. As explained elsewhere on this side, explaining a chapter to yourself especially while using a whiteboard could be a good way to memorize what you have just learnt. When you are stuck, read out the passage loud to yourself. You may recall what your professor said during the class.

Memorizing techniques

Apart from self-explanation, find out memorizing techniques that could help you learn a chapter quickly and efficiently. Remember, all your knowledge can be condensed to the answers you write on a sheet of paper. So, memorization is the key to your success as a student. However, while memorizing facts, figures, ideas, formulas, and concepts is essential for scoring well in exams, understanding how to amalgamate and use that information is even more necessary. Switch to different locations while memorizing. Researches have proven that doing so, helps to remember things for longer.

Take frequent breaks

Studying for hours through the night might seem like a laudable feat, but it isn’t an effective way to study. Our brain needs to rest in the form of frequent breaks to rejuvenate and process all of the new information. If you keep studying without breaks, you will start forgetting what you read as your brain will process the newest information first. You could also start feel overwhelmed because of this. Do yourself a favor, take a break after every 1 hour.