• Choose Your Seat Wisely

Your sitting position while traveling can be one of the most important factors in your sleep or rest. Try to sit in the window if possible. It gives you something you can rely on, in turn, gets rid of other people who do not want to go to the bathroom. You also have some control over the shadow of the window. Think twice about partition seats in the exit row. Of course, the legroom is excellent, but they are not inclined (so they will not be an obstacle in case of an emergency) and some seats have not been raised. Sleeping in one of these beds is like sleeping in a straitjacket, especially if the seat is empty, worse, the whole row is empty (Airspace, an empty row) and the worst flight I have ever had. What could have been a good place to sleep?

  • Skip the Caffeine

Especially with a day flight, where you can get distracted, it will be much more difficult to sleep if you have caffeine in your veins. Avoid the temptation of having a cup of coffee or soda before boarding and stay with water or fruit juice when passing the beverage cart.

  • Bring A Neck Pillow

Many travelers rely on their support cushions. Personally, I found neck pillows that really work as they were designed. They are too big in the back, which makes me tilt my head forward, then they do not support me. I return it. It works like an amulet. Experiment a bit and see what works for you.

  • Use Headphones with Discretion

Save the money by sharing the headphones of the airline. Watch TV and watch movies to keep you. We’ve been here for a few years, I’m on the watch and watched “The Man on the Moon”; I laughed loudly and really enjoyed it, but I missed it because of the performances of Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton in Jim Carrey.

  • Cut Down on Your Carry on

If you have two sizes that are too big, you can find yourself underfoot, which limits the space for your legacy and prevents you from falling asleep. Pack the lighter instead so you can put everything in a bag. Keep a few things in the bag: a book or magazine, a snack, a bottle of water. Before storing your suitcase in the trunk, remove the important items you need during the flight and place them in the back of the seat, in front of you.