As we enter in to the festive period concentration in the classroom can be seriously lacking, with so many more exciting things going on outside of school. By using the festive period to your advantage, your lessons can be a bit more relaxing for you and your students.

Whilst many teachers are filled with excitement for the Christmas period, there are still those who are dreading an often chaotic final few weeks in the classroom trying to engage excitable students.

Instead of sticking to your usual lesson plans and structure, it may be worth considering a different approach in December. By incorporating Christmas in to your lessons, you will be able to tap in to the mindset of your students a bit more easily.

With Christmas themed lessons and activities, your students will come in to the classroom and immediately feel more engaged and eager to get involved.

Teaching resource provider Teachit English are on hand to help with your festive lesson planning. They have a great selection of Christmas themed resources to help you give English lessons a festive twist whilst still keeping on track with the curriculum and regular lessons.

The resources available include persuasive writing tasks, poetry and sequencing as well as many other focuses, to keep lessons varied. Many of the resources are also based on the popular novel A Christmas Carol, the perfect choice of reading material for the festive season!

Take a look at the range of Christmas resources available on the Teachit English website and enjoy a stress free December.